First Time Guests

Thank You For Choosing Staten Island Massage & Wellness For Your Massage Needs

As our first time guest, you will receive a 20% discount off of our regular rate for a 60 or 90 minute individual, couples, or prenatal massage session.  It's best that you book your massage online because we are a small massage studio and if you call, we may be in service with a client and therefore unable to pick up and answer your questions.  Please feel free to either leave a voicemail message or go to our Contact page and ask your question there and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.


When you go online to book your massage, you will be asked to input your credit card information.  This is only done to hold your appointment.  We will not charge your credit card at this time.  If someone has gifted you with one of our Gift Certificates, instead of putting in your credit card information,  simply select Gift Certificate/Card under the Payment Information section, then enter the gift certificate number beginning with GJ7.


As our first time guest, you must fill out a confidential intake form before the start of your session.  You will be required to fill in your contact information, an emergency contact, your health history, and your goals for the session.  Please click HERE to print out a copy of the intake form at home and bring it with you already filled out to save some time, or arrive at least 10 minutes early and we will give you a copy of the form for you to fill out in the office.   Please make sure it is filled out completely and legibly.  There are certain conditions, illnesses and/or situations that exist where massage is not recommended, and your therapist must be made aware of those possible contraindications in order to give you the best possible results during your session.

Your therapist will escort you to the room and review everything on your intake form.  This is your opportunity to ask any questions  or disclose any other information that you didn't include on the form.  Let your therapist know exactly what's bothering you and what you want to get out of the session.  You can decide at this time if you want a full body massage or if you want the therapist to just work on your back and legs, or maybe just the upper or lower body.  The choice is yours.


Before the therapist leaves the room, they will let you know that you can undress to your comfort level.  What this means is that you only have to take off what you want to take off to remain comfortable during your massage.  The majority of our clients will take everything off except their undergarments (boxer/briefs/panties).  Others opt to take everything off, and some people will leave their socks on if they don't want their feet worked on.   Please know that what ever you decide to do, you will be completely covered throughout the duration of the massage.  We only uncover the body part being worked on.  

Your therapist will then leave the room and give you a couple of minutes for you to undress and get on the table.  You will get under the top sheet and blanket and put your face in the face cradle. 


Once your therapist re-enters the room, they will ask you if you feel comfortable and adjust either the temperature on the table, the face cradle or the bolster under your feet.  At this time, if you don't like the relaxing music that's playing, you can ask your therapist to change it to something else that you'd like to hear.

When the massage begins, please communicate with your therapist at all times and let them know if you are feeling uncomfortable, sick, too hot or too cold, or if the pressure is too much or not enough.  Please don't feel that you are being rude if you want to talk, or if you don't want to talk.  This is your time and we are here to make you feel better in your body.  Most people will fall asleep during the massage, so feel free to just relax and let the therapist de-stress you.


Once your massage has ended and the therapist leaves the room, please take your time getting off the table.  If this was your first massage ever (or in a long time), you may feel a little dizzy or light headed once you sit up.  One of the many benefits of massage is a reduction of your heart rate and that may be a cause of the light headed feeling.


After you come out of the room, feel free to use the restroom if you need to.  Your therapist will offer you some tea or a bottle of water.  If you'd like to pay for your session with the credit card you used to book your massage, just let them know. 

Gratuity is not included in your payment, so if you enjoyed your massage and are feeling amazing, please show appreciation to your therapist with a tip.  An average tip for a 60 minute massage is $10 -$20, and $25 - $35 for a 90 minute massage.  You can leave the gratuity on your credit card or hand it to your therapist in cash.


Depending on the type of massage you received, you may be a little sore the day after your massage.   If this is the case, continue to drink water to hydrate your cells and the slight discomfort should wear off after a day or two.  This feeling usually only occurs after a deep tissue or acupressure massage.  

Please note that muscle has memory and that means that if you go right back to doing the thing that initially caused your soreness, pain or discomfort, then your muscles will go right back to responding the same way.  

Try to fit a massage in at least once a month and you may be able to keep the tightness and discomfort  at bay.

Please review our Massage Etiquette Guide HERE