Customized Massage

Customized Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $145

All of our massages are customized to meet the needs of each client.  Whether you require the long, relaxing strokes of a Swedish massage, the stronger, targeted pressure of a deep tissue massage, or an athletic sports massage to increase flexibility and range of motion, your therapist will customize your session to meet your needs. 

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $145

Massage therapy during pregnancy can be an integral part of your prenatal care.  It has been proven to help decrease edema (swelling) as well as reduce anxiety, muscle aches, and joint pains.  Studies have also shown that for women who received bi-weekly massages for only 5 weeks, their levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) were greatly reduced.  We only perform prenatal massage after your first trimester.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage.jpg

90 Minutes - $175

In a hot stone massage therapy session, heated basalt river rock stones are used to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and  increase circulation. The addition of heat helps to promote increased blood flow, which makes the muscles more pliable and allows the therapist to easily get into deeper layers of the muscle tissue.  Each of our hot stone sessions are a full 90 minutes of hands-on work.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage.jpg

60 Minutes - $190

90 Minutes - $280

A couples massage is a great way to relax and de-stress together.  The massages take place in our couples room where the tables are side by side.  Everything else about the massage is exactly the same as if it was being performed on one person.  This is a great opportunity for you and your loved one to spend time together taking care of yourselves.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage.jpg

60 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $145

Thai Massage is an ancient form of massage that uses passive stretching and focused pressure along your body's energy lines. It can help to increase flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and balance your body's Qi (Chi). You will be fully clothed during your session, so please bring (or wear) yoga pants or some other outfit that you can move comfortably in.

Foot Reflexology


30 Minutes - $60

60 Minutes - $100

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine where pressure is applied to specific points of the feet, hands or ears.  It is believed that these points correspond to specific muscle groups, organs, and systems in the body.  It is generally relaxing & an excellent way to help alleviate stress. 

Medical Massage


Alleviate your pain right at its source with a 30 minute medical massage. Perfect for anyone suffering with chronic pain, or only wanting work on a specific body part. You will receive a full 25 minutes of hands on work with the remaining time to be used for you to disrobe, communicate with your massage therapist, then re-dress.

30 Minutes - $50

Lymphatic Drainage

lymph drainage.jpg

60 Minutes - $90

A specialized type of therapeutic massage that uses very light gliding strokes done in a specific manner, to encourage movement of the lymph system through the body after cosmetic surgery, an operation, or an injury.  Up to 20% discount available when a series of sessions are purchased.