Body Contouring

Pre/Post Op Massage

Laser Lipo Staten Island

When planning any cosmetic surgery, be sure to include pre & post op lymphatic massage.

Making sure your body is in the best condition before your procedure will help to facilitate healing and recovery after the surgery.  More sessions are required post surgery to ensure your results will be smooth and your skin will heal completely with the expected contours.

2 to 3 sessions are suggested prior to surgery, and anywhere from 10 to 20 sessions afterwards. Always check/confirm with your physician.

Radio Frequency

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Laser Liposuction is a non invasive spa procedure that uses laser technology to reduce fat cells and tighten skin.  It is an excellent option for shaping and sculpting your face, neck, abdomen, and anywhere else you may have stubborn fat that has been resistant to exercise.

When planning any cosmetic surgery, be sure to include pre and post op lymphatic massage.

Also called Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), lymphatic massage is a very light form of massage that specifically assists the body in reducing inflammation by directing waste fluids back to 

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